Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gygax Magazine and TSR Games

Interrupting the ongoing series with a news flash.

I first heard about TSR Games and Gygax Magazine over at The Piazza. Apparently this new company will be publishing a new old school focused magazine in print and electronic formats. Gary's two sons, Luke Gygax and Ernie Gygax are involved in this projects as are Tim Kask, Jayson Elliot, Jim Wampler, James Carpio and several others. Gail Gygax has stated that the project is not supported by the Gygax estate.

More information can be gleamed from Loremaster, the Gamers & Grognard's blog as well as The Piazza discussion.

Looks to me like with the good people involved in this project, this could become very interesting. I hope that they will offer the possibility of print subscriptions overseas. With the disappointing announcement about Kobold Quarterly folding recently, this could be a good time for their launch too.

I wish the Gygax boys the best! :)



  1. Although I haven't seen much about this yet, the news itself has excited me greatly! Not since the days of 'Dragon' magazine have I found a magazine as varied in content. Dragon legitimately got me into a few systems I would have otherwise never seen or heard of. If this magazine can be anything like that, I will subscribe.

  2. Too bad it had to end: :(


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