Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Sar Aigu Ritual

The Sar Aigu Ritual is something that has become a central element in my current regular group campaign. I have found that it is a way to connect several elements of the Blackmoor Mythology. The Sar Aigu were introduced in Dungeons of Castle Blackmoor. That book describes how the Sar Aigu were the first race to climb onto the rocks where Castle Blackmoor was built thousands of years later.

In my campaign, the Sar Aigu were directed to that place by their God, the Power behind the Temple of the Frog. On the Blackmoor peninsula, they performed some kind of dark ritual. However, instead of summoning their God, they istead summoned a much older power. An Old One.

This scared the Sar Aigu and forced them back into the dark waters of the Black Sea. The magic of the Old One was what was infused with the rocky foundation of the Blackmoor peninsula. It is that magic that later drew large numbers of mages to the region, resulting in the Mage Wars. During that time of magical conflict, so much energy was released that it awakend the Egg of Coot from its dark slumber.

And here we get to another dark secret from my campaign. The Egg of Coot is just one of several ancient evils who were put into a state of unnatural sleep by the Gods. The servants of the Egg have now uncovered the ritual originally used by the Sar Aigu. They believe that they can use this ritual to draw fully from the power of the Blackmoor Peninsula. Their purpose, to awaken the other Sleepers. This is why the Egg of Coot and its servants keep attacking Blackmoor. And in my campaign, the ritual is about to be performed....


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  1. This makes me want to combine Blackmoor with Green Ronin's Freeport setting...perhaps make Freeport an island nation off the coast of Blackmoor somewhere...

  2. Not a bad suggestion Jason! I am a big fan of Freeport myself. I guess both the Lovecraftian elements and the connections to the Oceans are common to both settings. Placing Freeport off the coast of Blackmoor could work, or maybe using Freeport in the place of one of Blackmoor's coastal cities like Jackport or Robinsport?

  3. I'd be inclined to add it rather than use it as a replacement.

  4. I love this, I've introduced a Choas Cult in my game who tried summoning a 'ancient evil locked away in the void.' I've hinted to the Sar Aigu had spells to pierce the veil and awaken slumbering god like beings.

    Do you ever brush what those ancients evils are in your campaign?


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