Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mystara Returns to 4E

Well not really. There have been several Mystara teasers inserted into D&D 4E books. Now WotC makes use of another iconic Mystara location in their new Lair Assault Program. I don't really know what Lair Assault is all about, but apparently it is a kind of adventure to be played in stores, similar to their Encounters series. Encounters used the Keep on the Borderlands and in March, Lair Assault will be using the Isle of Dread. Ofcourse current policy at WotC is to disassociate various D&D locations from their respective settings, but you know what? There is nothing stopping us from associating them right back where they belong! :)



  1. Sadly, the people at WotC, and most of the people playing these adventures, make no connection between them and Mystara. With Greyhawk, I think there is definite intentional name dropping by WotC to appeal to the "grognard" set, but with the Mystara related stuff, I just don't see it. I'd wager the fans do a better job of keeping the setting alive than the company would anyway.

  2. Thanks for commenting, both of you :)
    Darva, I agree that pushing Mystara probably isnt WotC's intent, but since they keep going back to the classic modules, we should make sure that anyone googling "Isle of Dread" gets plugged into Mystara! :) I mean this is the module that Mystara grew out from after all :)

  3. Lair Assault is a weird sort of deathmatch thing where you are almost guaranteed to die the first couple of times you play the adventure, unless you min-max the crap out of your character. Of course you do get to go back and play over and over again until you get it right. I hate to say it, but it is rather like an MMO in that respect.


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