Monday, February 20, 2012

Empire of the Petal Throne Original Manuscript now available

(A later Tékumel cover)

Since there was alot of contact between Dave Arneson's Blackmoor group and Professor Barker's Tekumel group, I have been following Tekumel activity lately. The following was just posted on the Tekumel mailing list:

The original manuscript for Empire of the Petal Throne is now available
from DriveThru/RPG
Now <>
.  Known as the "green cover" or "mimeo" version, it was produced in the
Spring of 1974 in *a limited and confidential run of fifty copies* for the
world of Tékumel, the creation of Professor M.A.R. Barker.*This is the
first time this original manuscript has been published or made available to
the general public.*  The PDF product now available for purchase was
prepared from a copy taken directly from Prof. Barker’s archive, and is
presented with each facing page containing the text of the original

This version is a precursor to the game published shortly later by TSR,
Inc. and contains a number of significant differences.  However, it is in
many ways is substantively similar to the later TSR publication, and is
being produced more as a historical document than as a different product.
Print-on-demand versions are in development and expected to be available by
mid-March. "Tékumel" is a trademark of M.A.R. Barker; for more information
about Tékumel, visit

Victor Raymond
Tékumel Foundation


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  1. I'm surprised by the length of it. It's a shame the preview length isn't longer, as I'd like to see if every page has a lot of blank space or not. Also, from the above text, it sounds like every page is printed twice, once re-typed and then again as a scan of the original manuscript. Even then, it would still be an impressive 115 pages of material...


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