Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Peshwah Tribes

As some of you will know, I have been reading up on various sources on the Peshwah lately. The Peshwah are a horseman culture living to the south and west of Blackmoor. The D20 Blackmoor line defined the different tribes of the Peshwah in detail, but I could never get a clear picture of which tribe belonged where and was associated with what. Above is a map by DaveL, which I have modified to show where the different tribes are commonly found. Below is a quick run down of the tribes. This is a work in progress though, so feel free to comment and criticize what I have so far:

The Adiel aret he archetypical Peshwah. They are the most numerous tribe and know to be master horsemen. Many Adiel prefer the Sickle sword in combat.

Briela (Not on map)
The Briela are a kind of Gypsies, travelling all over the world. They are known as storytellers and diplomats. For centuries they have devoted their lives questing for the Bow of Hadeen.

The Bortai are the most savage of the Peshwah, living like the horsemen did in the earliest days. Interestinly they are not xenophobic however. And due to Peshwah na Shepro, they have formed an alliance with Blackmoor. Man Bortai use a special hand axe called the Bullova.

Unlike most other Peshwah, the Falleem are city dwellers.  They are a religious lot and good merchants. Many Falleem use scimitars in battle.

The Irfat are grim warriors. They see themselves as “The Black Riders” of the religious texts. This tribe lives for war. They often fight with twin short swords. 

The Leron is the tribe guarding the border of the Valley of the Ancients. Due to their proximity to the Valley, they have access to many strange items. They are paladin-like guardians. Many join the order of the Dragon Knights, a group of warriors with unique magical abilities. Some of their warriors use Greatswords in battle.

The Ornidri are the best archers among the Peshwah. They have often ventured into the lands of Ten. They are good horsemen, but also breed hounds to be used for hunting.

This tribe have abandoned the way of the horse and are village dwellers. They are excellent craftsmen and known to produce wonderful items made of spider silk. Peshneath warriors sometimes use a weapon called the Arbir. It looks like a cross between a sword and a spear.

The Qulaam are riverfolk and fishermen, living near the root river. They distrust anyone other than the Peshwah. They have giant weasel companions

The Somhak are the traditional leaders of the Peshwah. They are master strategists and their word carries great weight among the other tribes. Hadeen was a Somhak before he ascended to the Godly realms.

The Sufz are the spiritual leaders of the Peshwah. Many are druids.  They are completely nomadic and have no permanent settlements at all. They are often seen wearing metal skull caps in battle.

Zah are known to be the seers and magic users of the Peshwah. They live near the mysterious Salt Tower.  Their leaders are women. In battle they often use a special kind of shields known as Prophet’s Shields.  



Happy Gary Gygax Game Day 2023!

  Happy Gary Gygax Game Day 2023!