Thursday, December 9, 2010

Peshwah Equipment

The D20 Blackmoor Campaign guide provides a wide selection of equipment that is particular for the Peshwah. In the Riders of Hak Sourcebook, some of the items are designated especially to some of the individual tribes as favored weapons or armor.

The Arbir is combination of a spear and sword, or a spear with a long sword like blade attached to one end.

The Bulova is a wicked looking hand axe.

Grazer spear
This spear is an unusual looking weapon, similar to a spear, but with a crossbar near the spear point.

Sickle Sword
This is a sword with a long sickle like blade, almost like a scimitar, but with an even more pronouced curve of the blade.

Sickle Mace
This weapon looks like a pole with a sicke blade at one end and a mace at the other.

Prophet's Shield
A Shield constructed with bone framining and painted with the symbols of the God Yoosef.

Spidersilk Armor
A leather-like armor made from the special silk harvested by the Peshneath from spiders.

I have always liked the idea of different cultures using weapons characteristic for them. The Peshwa are different enough from the Blackmoorians and Thonians that it makes sense that they have different traditions when it comes to manufacturing such items. In a 3E campaign, the attributes for these weapons are given in the Campaign Sourcebook. If you are using BECMI or another version of Classic D&D, I would simply use damage and effects of the weapons they resemble and keep the visuals for flavour. They are too good ideas to not be used. Do you allow any exotic weapons in your campaigns?

Image Sources
Curved Sword
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