Monday, March 8, 2010

Adventure Games Publishing Closing

The Blackmoor Blog is sad to learn that James Mishler's company, Adventure Games Publishing is closing. James posted the following at the Piazza today:

"It is with great regret that I announce the closure of Adventure Games Publishing. Print product sales end immediately. PDF products remain available on the AGP DriveThruRPG site through the end of March, then migrate to either the Judges Guild or Troll Lord Games sites on DriveThruRPG (those of you who already purchased them will continue to be able to download them). After that date, Judges Guild and/or Troll Lord Games might continue to make print versions of these products available or not; that is their call, not mine. As all the details about the  transfer of properties are still being worked out, please do not inquire after them about these items for several weeks after the transfer."

More information can be found in the link provided above. I have been a fan of James' writing since the late 90s, so I am disappointed to learn about this. It will also mean less Wilderlands material available in the future. I wish James the best of luck and hope to see him return to the gaming industry in the future.


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