Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spelljammer meets Blackmoor?

The lost Spelljammer Product featuring Blackmoor has now been revealed! Okay so its fake. I made it. But it is always interesting to speculate on what such a product would have featured. We have already touched upon some references to space in the Blackmoor mythos. More theories on the Blackmoor Solar system are being discussed here.



  1. I was a very happy mind flayer the day I saw your mock Blackmoorspace cover for the first time.

    (Do they *have* mind flayers in Blackmoor?)

  2. Thanks :)
    I have seen no records of Mind flayers being used in the Blackmoor games, but that doesn't mean they weren't used. From what I understand, Mind flayers were created by Gary Gygax rather than Arneson. There is a picture of the Mind Flayer in Supplement II though.


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