Monday, December 21, 2009

Age of the Wolf Map!

 Looking at the cover for Age of the Wolf, you may have noticed this part of a beautifully rendered map for the Age of the Wolf campaign setting.  As you may remember, Age of the Wolf is set 269 years into Blackmoor's future. A lot has changed during the years that have passed, apparently. From the map alone we can learn that the City of Blackmoor has been destroyed. Boggy Bottom is also marked off as ruins. What has happened to these places? Is it the Afridhi? Or the Egg of Coot? Notice also a new city, Rodhin located in the Spine of the Dragon. I don't recognize it from any of the older maps. You will also notivce that Glendover is misspelled on this map, but I assume that is only a typo. Back to the Ruins of Blackmoor, we already know that Blackmoor would be destroyed in the Age of the Wolf since the announcement of the product called Ruins of Blackmoor. What disaster caused all this destruction to our beloved realm? Hopefully, some day someone will share with us what they had planned for this setting.



  1. Wasn't the destruction of Blackmoor already covered in the DA series?
    --Technomantic thingie explosion if I remember correctly.

  2. The DA series detail the Great Rain of fire, which occurs ca 1000 years into Blackmoor's future, basically wiping out all of the North. Age of the Wolf is closer in time and the destruction is much more limited. Note that this isn't the first time Blackmoor City has been destroyed. It happened several times during Dave's early campaign. One of the advantages of having Blackmoor as a ruined city is that the Dungeons of Castle Blackmoor make more sense than if all of that evil is lurking below a fully populated town...


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