Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bruce Heard's Calidar Kickstarter

Former TSR author Bruce Heard is perhaps best known for his work on the world of Mystara, during the time when he was Product Manager for TSR's Classic D&D line. He is also the author of the Voyage of the Princess Ark series which ran in Dragon Magazine in the issues #153-188 as well as a final installment in #344.

Now, however, his own Fantasy Setting is about to become a reality. Featuring gorgeous maps by Thorfinn Tait, this world is now out on Kickstarter! I am a backer and I am really excited about this. Only up for 2 days, the project has almost reached its initial goal already and we have a good chance of seeing several stretch goals being met. Go over to the kickstarter page and join the fun now!



  1. Thanks Havard, both for your generosity and for passing the word here. A tip of the hat to you and to everyone who contributes to making this project a better one!

  2. Update: so far so good. We have a week left to go and we're less than $800 from reaching the third stretch goal. An new add-on option has been added which enables backers to get extra copies of the book at a price below retail value.

    Again, thanks everyone!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Any time Bruce! My latest blog entry has more :)


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