Thursday, July 18, 2013

Red Box Basic Set Available!

As I was talking about a few weeks ago, this year marks the 30th Anniversary of the Mentzer Red Box Basic Set, the edition that made D&D into a world wide hobby. It has been surprisingly quiet from WotC over this occasion, but my friend TAD just made me aware of the fact that DriveThru has finally released the Basic Set (Red Box version) for sale in the PDF format.

I think it is awesome that new fans can finally get to experience this edition of D&D and play through the beginner adventure featuring the legendary Bargle and Aleena. Also, this is a great chance to pick up the BECMI rules for your tablet. Money-wise it may be cheaper just to get the RC pdf, but it depends on your preferences.

Some more concerned voices have mentioned that this could mean that the chances of seeing a BECMI/RC reprinted version (as they have now done with AD&D 1&2 and 3E). I hope this is not the case. BECMI deserves to get its reprinted edition and it is one D&D product that I will buy in a heartbeat, either in the RC version or in a different collected version of the BECMI boxes.


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