Monday, February 28, 2011

Blackmoor Web Conference

Blackmoor fandom has been taken to a new level! Yesterday at GMT 1900, the first Blackmoor fan Skype Conference was held with participants from both sides of the Atlantic. The conference lasted for two and a half hours. Organized at the Comeback Inn forum, the conference was conducted between some of the most diehard enthusiasts of Dave Arneson's first fantasy campaign setting. Although fairly informal, all participants have expressed happiness with the event, and the chance of similar events in the future seem to be high, possibly with even more people joining in. I was excited to be a part of it, and hope to get to talk to everyone again :)

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Virtual Meeting



  1. So what did you all conclude?!?!?

  2. Yeah what's the established creed now? ; )

    Anymore planned for the future?

  3. @Cyclopeatron: Heh, this first meeting was fairly loosely organized, mainly about establishing contact. That said, we did touch upon interesting topics like the origin of the Temple of the Frog, inspiration for various Valley of the Ancients locations and details of our PbP campaign.

  4. @ckutalik: There will definately be more such meetings. Details ill be posted at the Comeback Inn :)


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