Saturday, May 8, 2010

RIP John Eric Holmes (1930-2010)

I just found out from Allan Grohe, by the way of Dragonsfoot that D&D editor John Eric Holmes passed away on 20 March this year, due to a stroke. It is sad to see yet another of the great names from the early days of D&D leave us so soon.

A complete bibliography of mr Holmes can be found here.

A 5-page download of the sample dungeon also known as  Cellars of Zenopus from the Holmes rulebook can be found on WotC's website, in this article.



  1. Thanks for this post.
    Sad news.

  2. Wow. That's really sad.

    The funny thing is how quickly I recognized that map.

  3. Another great thing about JEH was the Boinger the Halfling and Zereth the Elf stories: The Adventure of the Lost City (Alarums & Excursions, no. 17 Dec. 1976 and no. 19 Feb. 1977), Trollshead (The Dragon, no. 31 Nov. 1979), The Sorcerer's Jewel (The Dragon, no. 46 Feb. 1981), In the Bag (The Dragon, no. 58 Feb. 1982) and The Maze of Peril (ISBN 0-917053-05-2 Nov. 1986). I have all of them but all the appearances in Alarums & Excursions.

    I love these stories and think the characters are awesome. I remember reading them when I was first collecting The Dragon and have always wanted them to show up in a game, either by playing one of them or as NPCs.

    You can find more info on JEH's Boinger and Zereth series (as well as JEH's other writings) at and and and

  4. The Boinger and Zereth stories are wonderful D&D romps, and are stand-outs for me as well, /Matt (Dragon #58 was the first one that I ever bought). I'm also very fond of JEH's "Confessions of a Dungeon Master" from _Psychology Today_ (1980).

    PS - sorry if my typo on DF threw your post off, too, Havard: somehow my cut/paste of the thread title dropped the 'e' in Holmes there until I fixed it earlier today :(



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